Marketing means conducting and expanding the market in order to recognition and supplement of the potential & current requirements of the consumption market. Marketing activities are respectively the market research, identifying market needs, the time of entering to the market due to needs, determining acceptable price to receive goods, products & services on time.

The main task of marketing management is to identify and giving prices definition of the consumer needs to plan and implement marketing strategy and programs, aimed to meet the customer needs. Regarding above; to access the information of customers, competitors and other factors in the market is essential.

Any marketing research includes six main steps as follows :

1. Brief Research
2. Proposal Research
3. Practical Plan
4. Data Collection
5. Preparation Data
6. Research Report

Ramopharmin pharmaceutical company following its own strategies exploits environmental and local marketing structure which mentioned team is responsible for collecting data a through interior market, while the other stages like research and analysis of interior market are subject to be done by local experts in the own company.

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