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Our mission
Our mission
Our mission

The most important goal of Ramopharmine Pharmaceutical Company is to produce and supply drugs with acceptable and competitive quality in the pharmaceutical market and increase consumer satisfaction. And achieve the company's modernization goals by achieving appropriate profitability




shafadarou holding shafadarou holding
shafadarou holding

Ramopharmin Pharmaceutical Company is one of the subsidiaries of ShafaDarou Investment 



our history our history
our history

The company has been registered on 1969/05/14  under registration number 13150. The company was registered initially as limited liability at first and then it became a private company on 05/10/1980 . Ramopharmin is one of the manufacturers of medicinal syrups which is known as it’s diverse basket of syrups. The company also produces tablets and capsules under the brand name such as: Azathioprine under the brand name Azaram, Carbamazepine under the brand name Carbaram, Levodopa C and Levodopa C-Fort under the brand names L-Duram C, L Duram C Fort and ...
also a number of other products has entered pharmaceutical market of Iran with generic names.





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